Verify.syf – scam or legit website for Synchrony verification? Is verify.syf.com safe?

This video is for those people who are wondering whether verify.syf is scam or not!
The website verify.syf.com claims to be an official website for Synchrony verification and I understand why many people are assuming that this is a scam!
But it’s a legit website, because it uses an official domain name of Synchrony bank.
If you type syf.com in a browser, you’re gonna be redirected to an official website which is synchrony.com, so there are no reasons to worry!
Even the domain check of this website tells that syf.com has been working since 1996!
Moreover, I ask Synchrony support whether it’s legit website or not. I still don’t get a reply, but when I get it, I’ll tell you about it in the comments section below the video!
Anyway, thanks for watching! I hope this video helps you in some way! Thanks for all your comments and goodbye!

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