PlayerUp Review – Are they legit? Are they a scam? Feedback on PlayerUp.com Website.

PlayerUp.com is a legitimate company but they aren’t perfect. You may experience quick or slow transactions through their middleman services it varies. Overall my general review of this company is they are safe to use and trustworthy but they’re flawed.

– Great growing platform
– 100% legit service
– You won’t have a hard time finding a buyer or seller. This site has maybe close to a million members based off their member ids you can see when clicking user profiles.
– Many payment options for both buyers and sellers.
– If you’re looking to earn side money or build some income, check out other peoples videos on tips on how to make accounts and resell them on PlayerUp.
– Many games and social media pages they sell. Notorious site for selling things like https://www.playerup.com/accounts/instagramaccount/ and https://www.playerup.com/accounts/youtubeaccount/
– Mods/Support is quite good if you can actually get ahold of a human agent.

– Slow transactions
– Site is not always online, been unstable lately.
– Too many bot support agents.
– You’ll deal with some good and bad sellers here. Never trust anyone 100%. Always make sure to read their FAQ and Guides on how to transact safely.
– Don’t trade with anyone. Too many scammers. Either sell your item for cash or buy an item using a payment option you can reverse.

They have live chat here – https://www.playerup.com/accounts/guides/. If live chat is offline, you can open a ticket directly with them and tell them it’s urgent. If you have a problem with anyone on the site, you can also open a dispute in the Disputes Section.

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