Review Review Legit?

Is A Scam Or Legit?

When you look at the customer complaints and negative aspects of the website and the negative reviews of customers, it is obvious that Pamposhoop isn’t an authentic and trustworthy online retailer. Similar to many fraudulent e-commerce sites that offer low prices, this one uses them to attract customers and keep their attention. But when the orders are made however, the product isn’t satisfying.

Pamposhoop is located on is an internet shop that sells a variety of products like kettles for stove tops electric kettle as well as frozen dessert maker, electric coffee maker and more. These products are offered at a shady discount price.

But there are many warning signs on this site which indicate that it’s not a legitimate website and this review will provide all the information needed to know about the store. The most notable findings are:

I was in search of an item for Christmas. I purchased it from
I paid through PayPal. PayPal says I paid an individual: Manh Tran,
According to the website it was my expectation get a receipt email, however, this was not the case. The item was being added to the Cart on the site asking me to make a purchase again, even though PayPal process was successful. When I tried using to use the Contact Us on the website I was greeted with an error. There are a lot of mistakes on the website as I looked deeper!

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