Is Reward Wizard Scam or Legit? How Does it Work and Do They Really Pay You?

This reward wizard website showed up on my feed while I was looking for power tools and claim that I can get $500 worth of Dewalt power tool set just for playing games and answering surveys so I went ahead and gave it a try documenting my experience in the process.

The particular site I joined is “therewardwizard.com”. Please note that I am not affiliated with this site or get any compensation to promote it. I checked the review for this site and there are mixed reviews mostly saying it is a scam but others say they got paid after completing the tasks. I decided to give it a try and document my progress to see if it actually work or will I report it as a scam.

The ad that showed up on my feed seem to suggest that I can get the $500.00 reward power tool by simply completing a survey but during the sign up process, it does mention that I will need to reach level 5 and complete 15 deals in total. They have a chart that shows how much you will get when you complete a certain level. Basically, level 1 will require you to play 1 game or do a trial subscription and will not give you any price. Level 2 requirement is the same as level 1 but will give you $5.00 when you complete it. Level 3 requires 3 deals and will qualify you for $100. The higher prices will require you to complete level 4 and 5.

Level 1 and 2 requirement is simple. I chose to play Coin Master on level 1 and Bingo Blitz on level 2. I was able to complete each level in 1 day and probably played a total of 1 hour total for the 2 levels as most of the time was spent just waiting for the coins to replenish so I can play again.
For Level 3, I chose 2 games ( Dragon City and Junes’s Journey ) and Mistplay, another reward app that only requires me to download the app and download a game within the app. So I basically spend time for the 2 games. This took me 3 days to complete as it takes longer to reach the requirement. I probably spend a total of 3 or 4 hours playing the games to reach the required level. Tip: Search online on how to reach the requirement faster. You will be surprise that there are a lot of people who share this information. I hit the first snag on this program at this level when I was not credited for completing Dragon City and Mistplay. So, I looked at the site and found that there is a ticket you can submit if you have any issue. I submitted a ticket and got a response the same day. They asked for my birth date and address as well as screenshot from my phone to prove that I completed the deal. I only sent the screenshot and ignored the birth date and address. I followed up the next day and I got a reply saying they need my birth date and address to make sure I qualify for the program so I gave them my birth date and address and they credited the 2 deals for level 3 and unlocked level 4 the same day.

Before I enter level 4, it gave me a congratulation’s splash page saying that I now qualify for a cash out of $100 for completing level 3. I chose not to cash out at that time and continued to view level 4 deals. Level 4 requirements are a lot harder, there is only 1 free game available and 2 trial subscription. The rest of the deal will require me to spend between $7 to $60. I decided to not pick anything and see if the deals will change. I checked for deals 2x daily for 4 days but it did not really change much. The changes are minor and the only free game that showed continues to be War and Peace or War and Magic. Looking online they will both at least take me 10 days to complete so I decided to cash out.

The cash out process is simple. It ask you for name, address, birth date, email and phone number. After I click on the submit button, I keep getting the error message. So I called their customer support and a nice lady answered to help. She asked to go through the process with me and if it doesn’t work that she can take my information to process it on their end. I went with the process one more time and it worked. I got my confirmation right after I clicked submit and received my gift card claim number the next day.

From my experience, level 1 to 3 is easy to achieve just by playing game. Level 4 requirements will require more of your time and probably money. It is your call if you wanted to spend money to get the reward but I am not willing to do that. People who claim it as scam may not be aware of the requirement to get their price. Or they may hit a snag like what I experience and never bother to contact or call the customer support.

I cannot say this is true for every reward site available online. I have only tested this one and I might test another site again in the future. I suggest you call their customer support first before starting to get a feeling if you want to go through the process.

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