is counger website legit Review

This website is a rip-off! The prices are extremely low and include free shipping. Absolutely absurd. A 20 ‘ x 8’ feet. shed is $59.20 with free shipping! The website’s description is full of mistakes in punctuation and grammar. The images are small with no information. Everything on this website shouts SCAM.

You can place an order regardless of whether you are located anywhere in Canada and Hawaii. They can provide both international and national shipping. In the weekend, their facility is closed and deliveries typically take five days. In certain countries, international shipping can be longer.

However, the majority of the reviews we could find on Counger were not favorable. Some claim that the site is fraudulent and the online store doesn’t offer authentic products. In addition numerous customers have complained about having to seek help in obtaining refunds for their purchases and also the needing assistance to call the customer service department to get help.

This could be due to the fact that Counger is still relatively new and is still trying to establish a strong customer base. Furthermore, because the official website is devoid of reviews, this could add to the negative image of Counger.

It is crucial to remember that the reviews on this website may not be accurate so it is advised to avoid this website. It is recommended to investigate Counger prior to making purchases, and to purchase items on Counger’s official site or authentic sellers. If you do decide to purchase items from Counger be sure to go through the terms and condition carefully as well as be mindful of possible dangers.

Scams are certain. Contact your card’s provider and file a complaint. Check account. We had 2 withdrawals. One of them was for purchase amount which was an affordable item. The second one was much lower. I would have liked to have seen more of the website prior to getting duped. I feel like a fool.

I made an order on 6th september received a receipt but I’ve emailed them 4 or 5 times but they did not reply . Should I be concerned and change my credit card? If you click the name, it’s different, and it’s the neck fan for sales.

When I tried using Google Earth to view their store I was looking at an unoccupied lot. Garcia County Sheriff advised probable fraud.

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