How To Know If A Website Is A Scam Or Not | Is it Legit or Fake ?

Today i’ll show you how to know if a website is a scam or not and find out if it is legit or fake website easily, In the last couple of years there has been a rise in scam websites thats pretending to sell or provide services but they are actually not legit and just a fake websites thats running scams on people.
So for people to learn how to detect and know if a website is scam or a legit is a must skill because you might come across some of those unsafe sites and if you weren’t careful you could end as a victim for those fake and not real websites thats running scams, And detecting them is not a hard task thanks for the tools we will be using in this video.

Website 1 : https://who.is

Website 2 : https://www.urlvoid.com

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