How to Build a Legit Website With 0 Code

Learn how to build a website in 2023 without knowing how to code. These days you don’t need to know a single line of HTML to build your own blog or portfolio website. That’s because you can use a no-code website builder. So in this video, I will walk you through my favorite ways for making your own website, and talk about which tools are best for different types of websites.

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0:00 Do you need code to build a website?
0:46 What does a website need
1:36 How much does it cost to have a website
2:27 How to build a website without code
3:46 What can you do with a website
4:10 How do websites make money
5:49 Affiliate marketing
6:21 Ads
6:47 Selling digital products
7:14 Is it hard to make a successful website

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