Hashosh Reviews 2023 Find out scam ?

Wow! I wish I had looked up the reviews before I made the purchase! I haven’t received the mattress, and, of course, there is the website is no longer available to get in touch with! This was the 2nd scam I encountered from advertising on FaceBook…becareful…if it looks sketchy I will not buy. Xbordercommerce is another scammer out the scene!

Are you looking to buy with Hashosh? Are you looking to know whether is a real online store? Check this review to find out why our fraud detector has awarded an unsatisfactory trust score.

Complete scam. I ordered an engraver in November 2022, but never received anything and they’re not available on the internet.

I purchased a Lazer but never received it…

I paid for an Lazer but never received it. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, I received a SCAM

it took months to receive the necklace and the same time to receive my money back. I was fighting for the item for a long time. They wanted to return 30% of my money to force I to take the necklace. Absolutely not! They say ALL items are shipped from the USAand actually originates from China
It says free shipping for orders of more than $40but I was charged for shipping
Says it will ship within 72 days… LIES
Avoid this site.

Poor/No Security

Its website is not secure in that it’s not secure by Mcafee and Norton. The website is therefore vulnerable to hackers who could steal and alter the financial and personal information.

HASHOSH is a total scam They should be banned. It’s also unfortunate that they’re still appearing on Pinterest after having scammed thousands of users. Please take down the fake website. It’s a shame for Chinese companies that wish to make honest sales since the majority of consumers aren’t willing to buy anything from Chinese businesses.

Mattress with frame for bed

Purchased a mattress and bed frame but haven’t received the product and have no method to reach anyone about my purchase. I’m extremely disappointed to have been duped I believed that pinrest to take them down, but they did not. I’m no longer using pinrest.

Purchased a laser engraving device and was sent a cheap women’s purse! When I inquired, they blamed the warehouse that distributed the product. When I requested a refund they advised that I should return the wrong item to a specific location in Chia. They then suggested that I keep the item, and they will give me an amount of partial refund. SCAM!

The date of the experience is 7 December 2022

Similar to other. I ordered a Laser Engraver, and they claim that it was delivered, however their fraudulent tracker says that it that it was shipped 1.7 miles from. I visited the location on the map and spoke with the owner of the property and he’s not received any parcels since Christmas. They did send an email asking me to call the Post Office. I spoke with my PostMaster to confirm that the tracking number wasn’t in their system. They do not utilize third-party tracking after they have it in their possession.
They have even closed the site for my order. Credit Card Company refunding. Postal Inspectors are investigating for fraud.

I bought an mobility scooter that can fit inside the car! I was a bit skeptical that it was too great to be true, however it was posted on Pinterest so I thought I was secure. I was wrong I was wrong! I haven’t received the neckless necklace, however I feeling like I’m not getting it Maybe they only send necklaces in the USA and I’m located in the UK I’m confused! I wish I had found this website before I decided to buy the mobility scooter.

Why can’t I put a zero star rating? I placed an order for a laser engraver and received confirmation of delivery , but it wasn’t delivered to the address. Contacted the company , and they disputed. When I requested information about the company that informed them of the delivery the email address was blocked. address. No customer service phone number to contact. I was required to make a claim with the bank.

100% SCAM. Like everyone else: I ordered an engraver laser for $29.99 plus a plethora of shipping and handling , which it was more than $40. I also received an engraved geometric necklace of $5.00 in the customs declaration. The necklace was disputed on the credit card because the they do not have a valid address (it bounces) and there is no method to contact them.

Similar experience to everyone else. They will send you a cheap necklace to make you believe that it’s legitimate because it has an tracking number from Canada Post but it is fraudulent. Don’t buy anything from them unless willing to gamble your money. They said they would reimburse my money, but not proceed further, they said it would appear returned to my account within 7 to 10 days. This never was the case. I was lucky. VISA reimbursed me , but I also canceled my credit card and issued a new credit card.

I am in agreement with all of these reviews. I too purchased the Laser Engraver and was sent an inexpensive necklace. I’m still waiting on a the refund, which I am not sure about. certainly scammers! !

I bought a scooter to my husband who is suffering from arthritis to enable him to navigate around. I’ve been in contact with the company, and they said it was delivered on the 29th of November 29. I did get a package. The item was an embroidered scarf I believe. It was a scarf, I think “from” firm was ZZTOP. I was thinking that my brother placed an order for it, however, it wasn’t the case. I’m so disappointed! So I’m going to discuss with the credit card provider to get refunds on my credit card. Also, I’ll report the issue to Pinterest.

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