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Benefits of Blog Commenting In 2022

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 Benefits of Blog Commenting In 2022

Despite what you may hear, leaving comments on blogs is still an effective strategy!  Current online marketing trends seem to suggest that it’s ineffective, but that’s simply not the case. 

They avoid it because it looks a little spammy to them, so they don’t like it. As long as it’s done correctly, it’s not spam.

So here are some benefits of blog commenting, you will get these benefits if you are doing it in the right way.

1. Better Visibility

People who browse your industry’s blogs might be searching for the products or services you offer. They may not have come across your blog yet. Making yourself visible to them is the first step. It’s never known who is reading blog comments. 

Use a person’s name whenever possible, as this will increase both the credibility and the visibility of your message. In most cases, when people see a company name, they assume you want the link only. It is actually best to use your name instead of your business’s name to increase visibility and exposure.

2. Gain Backlinks 

With most blogs, you can add a web link to your blog comment. Commenting on blogs regularly is a great way to build incoming links. 

Commenting on blogs can bring you do-follow backlinks. When you leave a comment on a blog with high domain authority and include your blog URL, people will start noticing you. I usually suggest posting comments to niche-specific blogs.

3. Establish Relationships

Commenting on a blog in your niche leads people to read your reactions. If your comment is relevant and useful to them, there is a good chance that they will click on your link. Do not comment exclusively for the purpose of building links. 

The best way to begin a new discussion would be to read the entire article and try to locate any errors in the post or offer an objective response. Leave thoughtful comments about any errors you find on a blog post. Readers will be attracted to your blog. Always verify your claim before posting a comment.

4. Boost Traffic

It is likely that your blog will receive a lot more traffic after that point. You also get SEO benefits from it. While commenting, it is a good idea to try publishing your comment before anyone else does. 

When you’re the first to comment, you will surely receive maximum traffic. Increased traffic has been proven to improve organic rankings.



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