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According to a number of most reputable Dinar brokers, there are around 1.4 approximately 1.4 1.8 million holders of Dinar in the world wide e…that means you’re one of the few.

The experts estimate that 1,000,000 dinars could range between $100,000 and $3,500,000, or more, depending on Dinar’s RV’s…

Iraq is the second largest reserve of oil on the WORLD…most of it not being tapped. ( Some experts in oil believe Iraq is the top oil producer since vast portions of Iraq aren’t discovered yet. )

Research has shown that one in three who make a financial gain the fall will be poor or broke, in prison or dead in five years, or the windfall.

Are you curious about what time of day it is and how many experts who are forecasting that you will be wealthy beyond your wildest expectations …?

Do you need all the information as well as scuttlebutt and facts (and sure, the rumors too) in easy-to-read small chunks of information delivered right to you, so that you don’t need to do any effort?

You put your money into the Iraqi Dinar…your desire is to awake and discover that your small pile of laughable funny currency can be valued at hundreds of thousands…maybe even billions of dollars.

Imagine looking at your wife’s or husband’s eyes grandchildren’s or kids’ eyes, or your mom’s or dad’s eyes, and tell them that it’s true…your dollars RVed…all your concerns are over…YOUR’RE RICH…you can do what you like.


The gurus are forecasting that this day will be coming…very very soon.

But here’s the deal…

If you aren’t keeping up with the rapid rate of news, information and data coming from all over the world, you’re likely to be misled into making bad decisions and appearing ridiculous to the people whom you care about.

Your family and friends are likely to think they are nuts for investing on the Dinar and you’ll lose your money making unwise emotionally charged “investments”.

If you stay on top of all the information coming in, you’ll be able to see the whole picture…you’ll have the ability to make wise decisions with your money…you’ll make the most of your investment. Friends and family will be impressed by your wisdom and insight…and you’ll become part of the dinar community, exactly like you.

The New Iraqi Dinar has been in circulation for more than 10 years. Dinar legend says that the plan is to restore the dinar to its proper place in the list of world’s most robust currencies.

According to the paper Iraq could be one of most prosperous countries on earth, boasting huge quantities of oil, natural gas, mineral deposits and natural gas as well as thousands of acres of some of the best fertile soil in the world.

It’s just a matter of minutes before their economy explodes…

Information about the rise of the dinar in value is pouring from Iraq at an alarming speed…faster as well faster…more and more each day…too many for individual to gather and gain a complete picture of what’s going on right now.

It’s happening so fast.

I was involved in the Dinar the month of June in 2010. In the beginning, there were only two websites about Dinar to find information from. The community had plenty of questions, and only a handful of sources. The community slowly but surely was growing and we began to put together the picture of “the strategy”.

The problem was (and remains) nobody has the complete picture of what’s happening on…some have bank connections as well as politicians, some contractors, others have families living in Iraq Some are soldiers fighting on the front Some are also newspaper hounds, some Iraq TV watchers…etc etc .

It’s difficult to comprehend what’s going on since each site or guru is just one piece…none has the entire RV puzzle.

Completely frustrating.

Certain members of the Dinar community have a long day of combing through different websites as well as watching conference calls, and avidly check chat rooms for clues.

A lot of people have been doing it for months months…many for years!

Despite their efforts in a sluggish and neglecting family, a lot of times they miss the most thrilling posts…and are still confused about what’s actually happening.

It’s sad to say that I was among these poor souls.

I’d hop from website to site, and from conference call to conference call, trying to put the pieces together…I was like an addict…dinar information was as if I was taking an addiction.

The dinar issue was a major influence on my life…I had been ignoring too much and spending way excessive time at websites and the Cc’s.

The need to stop was urgent or I’d become insane (and broken).

What I did was to create an application for myself which gathered the best and relevant information among the various dinar sites chat boards, gurus and chat rooms and bringing it all into one place.

This saved me a lot of frustration and time. I was very pleased.

I showed it to my good acquaintances and they loved it too…they were impressed with the information and how much time it helped them, so much that they suggested I give it to the entire world of dinars.

At first , I was hesitant.

I’m just a normal human in the end. I never thought that anyone else would have all of the information at one location. I was sure that everyone was loyal for their GURU or preferred site and didn’t care what the other users were saying.

Boy was I WRONG.

The word spread about my small site, and people loved it!

They loved receiving emails with all the news taking place in the different chat rooms. They enjoyed receiving all the guru rumors predictions and information at ONE TIME.

They claimed it helped them save lots of time and they were happy with the investment more…they stated that they enjoyed the new updates more than any other part of their lives.

Their families were also thrilled!

I decided to open my system to everyone , so you too can gain. It was obvious to me many Dinarians were looking for an easy method to access up-to current information on the investment in dinar.

I refined my method more to ensure that you reap the benefits as well.

Here are some of the benefits that the Dinar Guru Secrets system will provide you with:

  • The 2 minute Dinar Update – You’ll know exactly what the experts are forecasting and what the current state of the dinar RV is. The majority of days you’ll receive at least one updated mail (sometimes more than one time more or less) )…with every one of the gossip solid information and chat room chatroom trolls from the top 7 dinar sites condensed into a simple reading of small chunks.
  • BREAKING NEWS Alert: You’ll be the first to learn about the latest breaking news…You’ll receive breaking news Intel emails when newsworthy stuff occurs. When something significant happens, the message will be immediately delivered directly to your inbox…
  • You’ll be aware of how the guru’s previous predictions and rumors turned out over the course of the week. Weekly recap emails — this highlights the events of the week, and also what major dates to be watching for.
  • High Alert Days–you’ll be able to use an “always up-to-date” calendar, which means you’ll know when to keep an eye on.
  • Conference Call highlights — these days, experts are using telephones increasing and more…sometimes there are three or four calls on the go at one time…each lasting for more than an hour. All the information you need in notes…
  • All the drama — this investment has drawn some interesting characters…you’ll also find the details on who’s talking about whom and why…we have a love for our gurus but they’re also absolute drama queens!
  • Prediction Review of which predictions by gurus proved to be true and which did not.
  • You’ll also get the top guru predictions/statements/ zaniness of the week…one of the most popular sections of the recap.
  • My personal (posted this first) Intel…You receive the information I create myself and the most juicy data I receive from reliable and dedicated community members.

You won’t get lost in the dark any more. Consider all the hours you’ve put in researching up to the latest news regarding your dinars…if you work just a few hours per day (not difficult to schedule between conferences, websites as well as the chat )…and If you’re willing to value your time at the rate is only $10 per hour (BTW lawyers are adamant about their time at more than $200 per hour).

People are more concerned about their time than just a few dollars per hour, especially relaxing time, money making time, and family time…but to have fun, let’s suggest that you earn $10 per hour…

This is more than $600/month of time you spend “researching “…gone forever, Poof.

The majority of them are doing this because they aren’t sure what else to do? They’re curious about the situation.

This Dinar Guru Secrets system automatically takes care of keeping you informed and up to current on all the information about the dinar , for just $47.95/month (Get signed up now and once word gets out, I’ll have to increase the price by $57.95/month).

Imagine having the most recent information sent directly at you…Being an integral part of the group of the best investors…You’d be able to reclaim your life! Your spouse or husband and children would be thrilled and you’d want to be a part of it, would you not? I know I did.

You can get these three bonuses to test my method…
The Date and the Rate Sepecial report This report will let you be aware of when the most renowned Gurus believe that the dinar will RV…this is regularly updated with each guru’s image of the RV gets more clear as well as clearer…this is a very well-liked report.

Bonus 2 Bonus 2: The Top Ten Dinar Gurus List — This report ranks the top gurus, and provides background information about each one…how they became involved and how their forecasts work out, etc.

Bonus 3 Top 5 RV Moments in Dinar history. There have been many instances when the Dinar community stood up and held its breath…relieve these moments and gain knowledge too…

BONUS 4: POST RV RECAP/Dinar Guru Time Capsule Archives– We are all curious about what is the REAL truth…Which Gurus are real, which are misinformation informants…Everyone is going to want to how did this really go down? Who was truthful, who wasn’t and who was a nefarious puppet. Each Dinar Guru Secrets member will get the full RV debriefing blog RV…who is right, and who’s not? I THINK WE ARE ALL IN FOR A SURPRISE WITH THIS ONE!! You won’t want to skip it.

There’s a choice for you or you can perform things as you are doing these things now…or you can purchase your hands on the Dinar Guru Secrets system and receive all the information that you require right to you, making your investment enjoyable, thrilling and rewarding.

You can relax and relax while letting the RV be with you.

Dinar Guru Secrets 100% Guarantee

Another thing…Since this is being processed by PayPal you are able to cancel at any time you want…100 100% assured. Easy. Take all the bonuses as a thank you for trying out the system. We’ll become friends…no problem.

In addition, if you do not like the method or you aren’t satisfied with the Dinar RV within your first month of using it, or if you don’t like the Dinar Guru Secrets system, I’ll reimburse your money in full, without any concerns asked. You have nothing to lose and every aspect to gain.

Here’s What To Do Now.

If you’d like to experience all this information and have thrills of the dinar delivered directly to your door, click the link below to begin today. ….

Once you’ve clicked the button proceed to fill in your Paypal information…you’ll be able to access to the Top 10 dinar Gurus List and TOP 5 RV Moments, as well as other bonuses Free!

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