DFS International Duty Free Shop | New legit website | Make Money Online

DFS International Duty Free Shop | New legit website | Make Money Online

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Welcome to DFS International Duty Free Shop! Long-term needs of friends to join.

If you don’t understand, please contact us via Telegram: https://t.me/xp88388

The platform has long helped merchants increase product sales. Each task can only work once a day, and tasks can work every day. This shop has been around for a long time and has a mission for a long time. Every day can work tasks.

Task 1: Advance payment of 3 USDT to earn 0.3 USD, and the withdrawal of 3+0.3=3.3 USDT is completed.

Task 2: Pay 20USDT in advance to earn 2USDT, and complete the withdrawal of 20+2=22USDT.

Task 3: Advance payment of 60 USDT to earn 9 USDT, and complete the withdrawal of 60+9=69 USDT.

Task 4: Advance 180USDT to earn 30USDT, and complete the withdrawal of 180+30=210USDT.

Task 5: Advance 540 USDT to earn 95 USDT, and complete the withdrawal of 540+95=635 USDT.

Task 6: Advance payment of 1620USDT to earn 295USDT, and the withdrawal of 1620+295=1915USDT is completed.

Task 7: Advance 4860USDT to earn 950USDT, and complete the withdrawal of 4860+950=5810USDT.

Task 8: Advance 14580USDT to earn 3000USDT, and complete the withdrawal of 14580+3000=17580USDT.

Task 1: Task 2: Task 3: Task 4: Task 5: Task 6: Task 7 Each task can be worked once a day, choose the task by yourself, recharge the amount, and complete the task, you can withdraw the principal + income.

This platform is designed to help merchants increase product sales. All commissions are paid by the merchants who cooperate with our company. The merchants pay the cooperation fee. Some products require more funds for listing, so occasionally there will be orders that need to make up the price difference, and the merchants who make up the price difference order also need to pay more commissions. After the task is completed, the principal + commission can be withdrawn, and all funds can be withdrawn.

When you invite recommendations, share links, invite friends to join, and enjoy team benefits. It will be deposited directly into your promotional account and you can withdraw cash instantly! 2. Tell your team that the company registration invitation link can be promoted in any social software, as shown in the picture below. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, instarma, Tiktok, KAO KAO, WhatsApp group, Telegram group, etc. Invite subordinates to top up more than 1000, the more commission you get. Pay $1,000 to a lower level team member and you’ll get $100 in team benefits. The prize for Team B is $1000 and you will receive $25 in team benefits. c team bonus of 1000 USD, you will get 10 USD in team benefits;

When you invite recommendations, share links, invite friends to join, and someone uses your invitation code to register and recharge to do tasks, you can get three levels of task transfer rewards: first level reward: 0.003%, second level reward: 0.002%, third level reward: 0.001%. The more tasks completed on the day, the more rewards you will get, and the rewards can be withdrawn immediately when the reward reaches 3.2USDT.

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