Create New Activity in android studio 2023

in this post you will learn how to create a new activity in Android studio 2023

In Android Studio, go to app — src – main –> res–>

File –> new -> Activity –> ActivityType (choose a acticity that you want)

android studio store value in Activity 2023


How to save data in to sharedpreferences android

SharedPreferences myScoreB = getSharedPreferences(“scamprotect”, Context.MODE_PRIVATE); SharedPreferences.Editor editor = myScoreB.edit();editor.putInt(“scoreBv”, scoreTeamB);editor.commit()

How to get data back

SharedPreferences myScoreB = this.getSharedPreferences(“scamprotect”, Context.MODE_PRIVATE);scoreTeamB = myScoreB.getInt(“scoreB”, 0);scoreViewB.setText(String.valueOf(scamprotect));

To opening new activity in android studio

Intent intent = new Intent(this , nextactivtyname.class);

How to create adapter in android studio 1. Open your project in Android Studio and select File > New > Other > Android Component > Adapter.

2. Select either ListAdapter or SpinnerAdapter, depending on your needs. 3. Enter a name for your adapter and click Finish.

4. Android Studio will generate the necessary files and open the adapter class.

5. In the adapter class, edit the following methods, depending on your requirements: getItemCount(): returns the number of items in your data set onCreateViewHolder(): creates a ViewHolder for your item onBindViewHolder(): binds the data to the ViewHolder

6. Test your adapter by creating an object of it and passing it to the view you want to use it with.


How to put pass value from one page to another in android studio latest update

Intent intent = new Intent(CurrentActivity.this, NextActivity.class);

//Put the value you want to pass in the

intent intent.putExtra(“key“, value); //Start the activity startActivity(intent);


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