COMMENSE CLOTHING TRY ON HAUL | Is Commense Clothing Website legit or a scam? #commensetryonhaul

COMMENSE CLOTHING TRY ON HAUL | Is #CommenseClothing Website legit or a scam? #tryonhaul Hi everyone! I bought clothing off of an ad I seen on instagram for a clothing store called Commense official. I clicked on it because the ad was showing a Joah Brown Dupe. Im always skeptical about all these clothing store ads I see on social media so I figured I would buy some clothes from commense official website and let you guys know if this website is a legit website or a scam! I ended up loving everything! Such god quality, everything fit great, and the prices were good! I will definitely be shopping there again.

🎥 https://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/video/implant-removal-patients-talk-candidly-surgeries-97956219

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